Welcome to Nathir, a valley outpost marking the Eastern border of the once-great Morn Empire. Over the past century the empire has shrunk drastically in size and power, abandoning its frontier settlements that had been spreading so tenaciously into the hostile Takor Wilds. As adventurers in these dark times, you have come to Nathir seeking exploration, adventure, and the vast riches rumored to exist in the wild lands to the East, awaiting those strong enough to claim them.

A note on DM availability: Until January 25th, I’m pretty much available at any time. I have a tutor meeting to attend on the 21, but it should be early morning so I’ll be available in the evening. I also have a game on Friday evening, so if you want to play on the 22 be sure to schedule it early in the day.

After the 25th (my more permanent schedule): Mondays: In class all day, not available
Tuesdays: Available in the afternoon/evening, but only if it’s absolutely necessary
Wednesdays: In class all day, not available
Thursdays: Available in the evening
Fridays: I am in an every other Friday game. Check with me if you are planning to schedule a game so I can let you know if I will be available.
Saturdays: Available
Sundays: Available until 10 PM