Othaniel Hammerfeet [Deceased]

A Monk of the Sackcloth Order, a monastic community pledged to simplicity of life.


Gender: Male | Height: 6’5” | Weight: 210 lbs

Max HP: 10

Looks: Othaniel is a large and imposing figure with shaggy black hair and grayish skin, according to the natural appearance of his breed; his eyes are likewise a dull gray. Despite his strong and slightly frightening appearance, Othaniel usually maintains a disciplined composure and relative silence (the results of his monastic lifestyle), which keep him out of the sort of trouble that is usually associated with his lineage. He is quite disinterested with material possessions, and therefore dresses in common peasant garb.

STR: 17 (+3) | DEX: 14 (+2) | CON: 14 (+2) | INT: 9 (-1) | WIS: 15 (+2) | CHA: 8 (-1)

Combat Options:
Fists: 1d6 damage, 2x critical, bludgeoning.
Shuriken: 1d2 damage, 2x critical, 10’ range, piercing, 30x.
Speed: 30’ | Initiative: +2 | Grapple: +7

AC: 14 | TAC: 14 | FAC: 12
FORT: 4 | REFL: 4 | WILL 4

Possessions: Monk’s Outfit, Shuriken (x30), Hemp Rope 10’ (x5), Silk Rope 50’ [Keldyn], 15g.

Skills: Balance (+2), Climb (+7), Concentration (+2), Craft (-1), Diplomacy (-1), Escape Artist (+2), Hide (+2), Jump (+7), Listen (+2), Move Silently (+2), Perform (-1), Sense Motive (+2), Spot (+2), Swim (+3), Tumble (+7).
Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Stunning Fist.

Languages: Common, Orc.


Othaniel’s conception was the result of a brutal rape that occurred during an Orc raid on human settlements near the shrinking border of the Morn Empire; he was forsaken at birth by his mother in an attempt to rid herself of the social stigma associated with that past, but her strange and unexpected love for and connection to the freak of nature she’d given birth to wouldn’t allow her to see him put to death. Instead, Othaniel’s unknown mother left her child at a remote monastery where he lived his entire life according to their code of conduct, soon enough adopting it as his own.

The monastery was an adherent of the Sackcloth Order, a group that believes that the highest value to be found in life resides in simplicity of living and physical excellence. Othaniel, being as mentally simple and as physically able as the average half-orc, fit into the community perfectly once he had pushed through social barriers that face everyone with orc blood flowing in their veins (which was easier than normal, considering the values of the community). From there, Othaniel lived a quiet life of martial excellence until his mid-twenties, when he decided to leave his monastic lifestyle for the sake of his ambition to overcome opposition in combat and so prove his worth.

Othaniel’s past of being ostracized and because of his appearance, religious beliefs and lineage has wounded him very deeply, though he rarely if ever speaks of it. In fact, he rarely speaks at all because of the hurt that he’s endured – his emotional wounds combined with the mental discipline gained from his monastic training have made Othaniel into a person that internalizes his conflicts, so he is constantly in thought despite his lack of intelligence. What the half-orc lacks in intelligence he makes up for in wisdom, though; Othaniel may not be able to work out the logistics of scientific or philosophical concepts, or even basic math for that matter, but his social interactions ooze relational wisdom and understanding. That is, when he chooses to interact: in addition to his general silence, Othaniel doesn’t trust many people.

There isn’t much that Othaniel loves more than a good workout. He cherishes every battle wound, every bruise, every sore and aching muscle with childlike enthusiasm, and his appreciation of the strength he gains through pain never grows old or becomes troublesome. He feels most at peace when exerting himself physically, whether the exertion be sparring, hiking, swimming, running, climbing, or any other number of activities. One of the few times you may ever see this half-orc smile is while engaged in grueling exercise.

Othaniel Hammerfeet [Deceased]

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