Whip using fighter


str 15 dex 6 con 17 int 14 wis 12 cha 9

saves fort 5 reflex -2 will 1

hp 13

ac 14

weapon whip dagger 15ft reach atk bns:+4 damage: 1d6+2 crit 19-20×2


Tomax was born in a small little farm town with his twin sister. Unfortunatly his parents farm didn’t have a good crop in several years and by the time Tomax was seven his father was forced to abandon the farm and head to a larger city in search of better prospects. The road to the city was long and with food in short supply Tomax’s father passed the time telling stories of great adventurers of the past. For the most part the stories kept the pain of hunger out of his children’s minds. For Tomax and his sister Toby the stories of the heros never truly left their minds and they both decided then and there that they would one day be adventurers. In the big city life was hard for the family and Tomax’s parents died of illness when he was only eleven, but luckily Tomax had an aprenticeship at a local leather worker that paid enough for him to survive. His sister Toby was not so lucky and ended up turning tricks on the street corner. tomax never gave up on the desire to become an adventurer and spent his free time trying to learn as much as he could about the heros of old. In his research he met a member of the clergy of Vecna who explained to him the power of knowledge, secrets, and lies. Tomax became facinated in particular with the stories of thiefs in all the stories, but sadly he was far too clumsy to ever be one, so instead he settled on being a fighter but he never gave up on the stealthy nature of the thief. After many years of saving he eventually earned up enough money to leave his current life and pursue the dream he had held all his life, Tomax was heading out to the frontier to have his own adventurers and to learn the secrets of this new land before anyone else had the chance. Seven years of work and study left Tomax with little social skills and a strange detachment to those around him. People became nothing more then backround fluff in the tale of his adventures. He cared little for the concepts of good, evil, morality, or personal wealth all he truly cared about was an escape from monotony and a life of adventure. Before he left to his adventure he checked on his sister he had not seen for the last five years and found her working as a prostitute and petty thief. He convinced her to leave with him and become the adventurers they had always dreamed of. After one year of travel Tomax finnally came to the frontier to start his real life:)


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