Calanon Meldarion

A power-hungry magic-user who hails from the dry Petrified Forests.

Gender: Male | Height: 5’2” | Weight: 125 lbs

Max HP: 10

Looks: Calanon is slender with green eyes as is the way of many elves, but he is much tanner than most of his brethren. His brown, shoulder-length hair is something that might acquire the label “hipster” in another time and place, and it has a tendency to flow freely in the air as he practices any number of the dexterous feats he’s accustomed to. His sharp features are accented by piercings, making his nose, lips and ears all glimmer from the many metal rings and bars that line them – even his tongue surrenders an evanescent gleam whenever it darts from his mouth convey the messages of its master. But it’s the glitter of his eyes that outweighs all of these; it is not the glitter of devious planning, or even any sort of intelligence – merely the glitter of selfish intent. Simple, black tattoos that resemble brambles run up and down Calanon’s entire body asymmetrically, but when the wild elf is fully clothed the thorns are most noticeable only on the right side of his face and his left arm and hand. His clothes include simple traveler’s garb, and a gray weasel is commonly seen clambering on some part of his body.

STR: 10 (+0) | DEX: 16 (+3) | CON: 14 (+2) | INT: 8 (-1) | WIS: 6 (-2) | CHA: 17 (+3)

Combat Options:
Short Sword: 1d6 damage, 19-20 2x critical, piercing.
Shortbow: 1d6 damage, 3x critical, 60’ range, piercing, 40x.
Speed: 30’ | Initiative: +3 | Grapple: -1

AC: 16 | TAC: 13 | FAC: 13
FORT: 2 | REFL: 5 | WILL 2

Possessions: Short Sword, Short Bow, Arrows (40), Studded Leather, Spell Components, Backpack, Traveler’s Outfit, Rations (10), 1g.

Lvl 0: Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Light (4/day)
Lvl 1: Magic Missile, Color Spray (2/day)

Skills: Concentration (+6), Listen (+2), Spot (+2).
Feats: Combat Casting, Alertness (familiar).

Languages: Common, Elvish.

Familiar: Anira | Creature Type: Weasel | Gender: Female

Max HP: 5

Looks: Anira is a gray weasel with an especially playful and active personality. She enjoys climbing on people, hunting, and trying to steal things, whether sneakily or outright – whenever she achieves any one of these she often jumps around in an excited dance, obviously very pleased with herself. She’s quite curious and doesn’t fear as much as such a small woodland creature ought.

STR: 3 (-4) | DEX: 15 (+2) | CON: 10 (+0) | INT: 6 (-2) | WIS: 12 (+1) | CHA: 5 (-3)

Bite: 1d3 damage.
Speed: 20’ | Initiative: +2 | Grapple: -12

AC: 15 | TAC: 15 | FAC: 13
FORT: 2 | REFL: 4 | WILL 1

Skills: Balance (+10), Climb (+10), Hide (+11), Move Silently (+8), Spot (+3).
Feats: Weapon Finesse.

This wild elf belongs to a tribe who openly worship the lord of all magics, Boccob. Primarily constituent of barbaric sorcerers, the tribe insists that the blood of an ancient blue dragon flows in their veins, and their lore and oral tradition attest to it. The entire tribe has a tendency toward selfishness, born from the scarce resources of the desert lands they inhabit and a tenacious desire to live – this makes them somewhat warlike by comparison to most elven cultures.

Calanon Meldarion

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